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The Tempo 265 tennis racket has been specially designed for female players. It is the ideal compromise between lightness and power.


The Tempo 265 tennis racket has been designed specifically for female players. It is perfectly suited for club players looking for a light and powerful racket.

The power is generated by the optimised frame length for more acceleration of the racket head. Large 660 sq cm headsize and 16x19 string pattern for more power and forgiveness on off-centre shots.

Pre-strung from the factory and with a feminine performance look, this is an accessible product that is straight out of the box.



Material Graphite / Aluminium
Head size 660cm² / 102in²
Weight 265g / 9,3oz
Balance 330mm
Length 67,5cm
Stringing pattern 16x19
Stringing presence Yes
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The Tempo tennis racket

The Tempo tennis racket is the choice of Iga Swiatek!

WTA revelation and winner of the French Open in 2020, Iga Swiatek joined the Tecnifibre team in January 2021. She has tested, chosen and signed her name to the Tempo 298 tennis racket. It was created to bring speed and controlled power to demanding female tennis players.

The eli-square frame section provides a good compromise of power and control. It is complemented by XTC fibre inserts, polyester and aluminium filaments to disperse shock at ball impact and promote better feel.

Also, with its attention to detail, Iga wanted to personalise the cosmetics of the product with a glossy finish and signed the frame for approval.

Racquet designed in France.

Features of the TEMPO

TEMPO SYSTEM : power gain and spin

Optimized frame length to promote racquet head acceleration and generate more power and spin.

Reinforced section: increased stability

The frame geometry has been reinforced to maximise power and optimise stability at ball impact.

New stringing plan for young female competitors

On the light weights (255g and 270g) of the young competitors, the string pattern is constructed in 14x18. The extra flexibility generates more power and the increased space between each string provides maximum spin.

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