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TF-40 305 18M

TF-40 305 18M

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The TF-40 305 18M tennis racket is the Arthur Rinderknech's choice. It offers maximum control and manoeuvrability.


The TF-40 305 18M tennis racket is Arthur Rinderknech's choice. This racket offers ultimate control in a manageable version. Designed for the advanced player to help them mastering their power, the TF-40 series provides the ultimate control and stability.

The RS Sharp Section geometry optimises the flexibility of the frame at the impact to maintain control. Also, the racquet is fully foamed to absorb shocks and provide its specific signature feel.

The Extense BG grommets are wider and longer to allow the strings to breathe and keep responding on off-centered shots.

Finally, the 305g specs and 18x20 string pattern allow the TF-40 305 18M to provide easy acceleration and control for the most controlled racquet in the line.


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Range TF-40
Material Graphite
Head size 630cm² / 98in²
Weight 305g / 10,8oz
Balance 325mm
Length 68,6cm
Stringing pattern 18x20
Cross section 21,7
Stringing presence No
Description TF-40

The TF-40 tennis racket

Control your power with the Tecnifibre TF-40 racket!

The TF-40 racket, dedicated to expert and pro players, is the latest creation from Tecnifibre designed to control the power generated by players:

Used on the ATP World Tour, a very good ally to help you keep the ball in the court.

For Tecnifibre, everything starts with the player and every player is unique!

The collection of information on the court, the analysis of the game and the players, in the Tecnilab (laboratory on the court) allows Tecnifibre to create and improve the racquets continuously.

Tecnifibre has taken the initiative of a very fine segmentation of the player populations and offers a specific range for example for women, young people from 11 to 13 years old or even for ATP players.

Racquets designed in France.

Features of the TF-40

RS SHARP SECTION: improved frame flexibility

Tecnifibre's specific RS SECTION is thinner and more square shaped to promote frame flexibility at ball impact and more control.

FOAM INSIDE: better impact absorption

The frame is filled with foam on the inside for stability, shock absorption and feel.

EXTENSE B/G: better flexibility and tolerance

Larger bore holes and eyelets to optimise string flexibility and increase tolerance.

2 string patterns: the choice between power or control

Two specific string patterns, 16x19 for more power and spin or 18x20 for maximum control and string life.

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