€ 160,00

The Tempo 255 tennis racket has been specially designed for female players. It is perfect for a first adult racket.


The Tempo 255 tennis racket has been designed specifically for female players. Ideal for young players as a first adult racket, it provides maximum lightness without compromising power. The lightest of the range (255g) for a very easy to handle product. The length of the racquet has been optimised to allow for easier acceleration of the racquet head for more speed and spin. The new ergonomic frame design with reinforced sections, 645cm² headsize and 16x19 string pattern provide maximum power. The Isoflex technology, a new design of evolving sections, stiffer on the short strings and softer on the long strings for maximum string pattern flexibility, allows to keep speed and precision on off-centre shots. The Superlight Cap, a thin bumper integrated into the frame, makes the racquet head lighter for better manoeuvrability.


Taille de tamis 645cm² / 100in²
Cordée ? Non
Matériau 100% graphite
Grip Wax Feel
Equilibre 330mm
Spin 5
Jouabilité 5
Weight 255g / 8,9oz
Rigidité 71
Plan de cordage 16x19