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With the TOUR ENDURANCE ULTRA BLACK STANDBAG you get more than just a backpack


The TOUR ENDURANCE bag range has been designed in collaboration with Daniil Medvedev and Iga Swiatek to withstand the extreme conditions experienced by players on the Tour. It's the benchmark for durability. With its tearproof Tarpaulin fabric, waterproof construction and ergonomic carrying system, it's the perfect companion for long tennis sessions in all weather, as well as on tour to tournaments on the other side of the world.

Daniil and Iga particularly insisted that the racket pockets should be large so that frames can be easily slipped in, and that there should be plenty of space to hold as many items as possible. The sides of the bag have also been reinforced to protect the rackets and keep the bag upright when carried.

In terms of style, this is the ultimate in elegance and performance. Glossy black branding in matching shades against a deep, chic matte black background for a subtle contrast. The inside of the bag is in fluorescent yellow for a vibrant splash of colour and to better highlight your belongings.

The TOUR ENDURANCE ULTRA BLACK STANDBAG is much more than just a backpack. It's THE racket sports bag that best combines convenience with a contemporary design. An on-trend look inspired by outdoor formats together with an adjustable, roomy capacity. It has a large-capacity central compartment; a large racket pocket that can fit 3 frames; a pocket for ""damp clothing"" or shoes and 2 accessory pockets.

This is the perfect hard-wearing, versatile bag for competitive and multi-sports use!

  • High-performance
  • Versatile use, for sport and travel
  • Practical design: 5 pockets
  • Ergonomic carrying system.
  • Contemporary, elegant look inspired by the outdoors.


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Range Tour Endurance Ultra Black
Dimensions 32x54,5x22,5cm
Capacity 5
Composition 80% PVC / 20% Polyester