€ 229,99

The Tempo 298 tennis racket is Iga Swiatek's choice!


WTA revelation and winner of the French Open in 2020, Iga Swiatek joined the Tecnifibre team in January 2021. She tested, selected and signed her name to the Tempo 298 tennis racket. It was created to provide speed and controlled power to demanding female tennis players. The "eli-square" frame section provides a good compromise of power and control. It is complemented by XTC fibre inserts, polyester and aluminium filaments to disperse shock at ball impact and promote better feel. The Iga Tempo 298 tennis racket has been custom developed: all the technical characteristics (weight 298g, 630cm² headsize, 320mm balance, grip...) have been optimised on the court with it in order to obtain the perfect swing speed in all situations. Also, with her attention to detail, Iga wanted to personalise the cosmetics of the product with a glossy finish and signed the frame for approval. Sold unstrung.


Taille de tamis 630cm² / 98in²
Cordée ? Non
Matériau 100% graphite
Grip X-Tra Feel
Equilibre 320mm
Spin 5
Jouabilité 5
Weight 298g / 10,5oz
Rigidité 69
Plan de cordage 16x19