Omar Jasika


Nationality : Australian

Age: 15

Best ranking ATP: 1167


My equipment

T-Fight 315 DC

La nouvelle T-Fight qui génère plus de spin et de puissance, dans sa version Tour


La puissance extra durable.


Name: Omar Jasika

Birthdate: 18/05/1997

At what age did you begin to play tennis ? 5

Did you have a weakness as a kid that you worked hard to improve? 


How important was/is your family in your career? 

My family is very important to me. They helped mold my attitude that anything is possible

What other sports did you practice and why did you decide to concentrate fully on tennis?

I played a bit Football but tennis is my life !

What’s your favorite tournament / why ? 

Junior Australian Open

Best win /memory ? 

when I beat my dady 7/5 6/2    :)

Worst loss/ ashamed of ? 

Finals of Japan doubles with Nick Kyrios  when we had match points grade A

Nothing is better than ?   

Liams Smith –he text me to say that ( my coach)

Top 3 reason to wake up every morning?

    -   cause I get txts from my coach –joke   to WIN

    -  to grind to play best of the best to get there 

    -   to eat to explore other options of winning 

Any advice for other players to progress in Tennis?

be prepared I will be waiting for you

What’s your main objective in life ?  set records that will be rembered for ever and win major slams and number 1 

Your powersong in your ipod before entering the court ?
oh yeah will sparks 

What was the most important piece of advice you received along the way?

to not do stupid stuff my friends influenced me into 


How was the feeling of playing your first (Junior) Grand Slam ?

was good experience especially playing at home

What’s your  favorite quotation ?

train insane or remain the same








NameLiam C Smith


Why did you want to train this junior?

I was given a choice of athletes to work with within our National Program and Omar was one of the players I choose to work with because I believe in his ability and long term potential, I liked his personality as well as his personal qualities and also felt that he needed the most help and the most work if he was going to realize his big potential. I like a challenge as well as helping players become great and I believe he can and will if he puts in the work.

Since when do you train him?

January 2013,  however he has been in our Tennis Australia National Program for longer than that.

What’s his best strength / why ?

His Resilience, Stubbourness  (although at times very frustrating) and the future capacity he doesn’t even know he has yet.   His forehand is a weapon and will continue to get better, he can move exceptionally well and he “feels” and “reads” the game and “who’s doing what to who” very well.

A weak spot to improve?

Maturity and Professionalism with Consistent Quality of work on and off the Court.

What’s the key element he needs to be a top player ?

Maturity, Professionalism, Understanding of what it takes and what’s required and Increased work ethic in which he can get the most out of himself each and every day and learn to push himself beyond what he currently thinks is possible.

A fun/surprising anecdote to tell us about him?

We often call him “junior”  or  “Rookie” as he sometimes does some very funny, immature and stupid things like leaving his tennis shoes in the hotel room.

What do you tell him before entering the court ?

Depends on the day, the mood and who he’s playing but  “Consistent Effort” and “Composure in All situations” are common themes currently as well as to “get stuck in & Go after it”