Team Junior homme


   Sur le court


Birth Date: 1997-04-24

Country: Netherlands

Racket Played: T-FIGHT 320 VO2Max

Best shot :

Favorite player to watch :

Favorite tournament :
Dutch championships.

Best double partner :

Best win / best memory :
Beat the Tennis Europe number  2, Bogdan Borza.

Worst loss / ashamed of ... :
Lost against the number 1, Andre Bublev ...

Except your racket, what’s always in your bag ?
Something to drink.

Your power song in your ipod before entering the court ?
"Grenade" - Bruno Mars.

Any special ritual before entering the court ?
Always the same warm up.



   Dans la vie


Best synonymous for tennis :

Fun !

Nothing is better than :
Having a nice and healthy family.

I could not play tennis without :
My racket ;-)

If you could turn pro in another sport which would it be and why ?

If someone walked into your room right now, what would they notice first ?
The playstation is on.

You’re on a date and trying to impress, where do we go ?
Wherever you want.

You’ve got 2 weeks and a private jet, where do we go ?
Miami, New York and Los Angeles.

Top 3 reasons to wake-up every morning ?
Eat, play tennis and enjoy life.

How long does it take to get ready in the morning ?
5 minutes.

How do you relax ?
Play on the playstation, watch a movie, do nice things with my family

In a movie about your life, which actor/actress could play you ?
Matt Damon.

Best shopping place ?
Game stores.

Any advice for other players :
Enjoy playing tennis, work hard and try to learn of every practice.





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