Team Junior Fille


   Sur le court


English Name : Coco

Birthdate: January 10, 1998

Nationality:  Chinese (People’s Republic of China)

Best Ranking: USA Tennis Class of 2016: national ranking of #2

Racket: Tflash 315 – redcode 1.25

String (+tension):  55

Years with TF: Since 2009

Favorite food:  Chinese

Favorite quotation:  “With hard work, everything is possible”

Best shot:  Forehand

Favorite player to watch: Roger Federer

Favorite tournament: US Open

Best win/best memory: ITF tournament in Beijing during May 2012. I played great and had fun.

Except your tennis racket, what’s always in your bag?:  My jump ropes and bands.


   Dans la vie


Main objective in life:  To become a tennis champion and take care of my family

Nothing is better than:  Winning

I could not play tennis without:  the support of TEAM XU

If you could turn pro in another sport which would it be and why?:  American football – it looks fun

If someone walked into your room right now, what would they notice first?:  How clean my room is.

You’re on a date an trying to impress, where do we go?: Movies

You’ve got 2 weeks and a private jet, where do we go?: Europe or Mount Everest

Top 3 reasons to wake-up every morning?: Practice tennis. Get better. Make my dreams comes true.

How long does it take to get ready in the morning ?!:  20 minutes

How do you relax?  Listen to music or chat with friends

Favorite shopping place?!:  Hmmm....that’s a hard one….probably Sawgrass Mills…a mall near Miami.

Any advice for other players:  Keep working hard!




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